What She Sees cover | Sandy Evans and Silke Eberhard

Sandy Evans and Silke Eberhard

"Extended playing techniques, huge amount of musical expressions, passionate and emotional improvising, original and interesting stylistic turns, virtuosic and touching passages, spontaneous and vibrant solos, specific ways of playing, special effects and unusual sounds – all these elements are just the part of their improvisations."


Silke Eberhard alto saxophone
Sandy Evans tenor and soprano saxophone, toys, suling, flax

Evans met  saxophonist Silke Eberhard (Berlin) and t when they performed together at the 2017 Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival.

Their first conversation was an improvised duet live on FBi Radio. They enjoyed this so much that after spending some time with emus, kangaroos, koalas and other Australian wildlife, they were keen to record more duo improvisations.

University of New South Wales sound engineers Adam Hulbert and Simon Trevaks kindly joined the project to facilitate the recording of What She Sees.

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