Sandy Evans and Friends

"The group's interplay in duets is as bright and smart as the leaders' compositions."


Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone
Adrian Sherriff bass trombone
Satsuki Odamura koto & bass koto
Steve Elphick bass
Alon Ilsar airsticks, drums
Bobby Singh tabla

Composed and led by Sandy Evans, RockPoolMirror brings together 6 of Australia’s leading contemporary improvisers in a musical response to Belinda Webster’s stunning photographs of the Shoalhaven Gorge, NSW.

Belinda Webster is best known as the founding director of Tall Poppies records. Her images of rock formations and their reflections in still water at dawn exude a tranquil and peaceful ambience, but also venture into chasms and abysses, at times revealing surreal, lifelike rock warriors in bizarre symmetries of rock and water.

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