[A]part | Ellen Kirkwood + Sirens Big Band

Thirteen piece powerhouse Sirens Big Band from Sydney, Australia, plus featured soloists Andrea Keller, Sandy Evans and Gian Slater, present Ellen Kirkwood’s epic 56-minute, 4-part suite.

The magnum opus is Ellen’s emotive and captivating response to growing issues in a rapidly changing world: the wonder and malignancy of the internet, the refugee crisis, greed and climate change, and reflections/reactions to the present.

Ellen Kirkwood + Sirens Big Band

"This is a major accomplishment for big band jazz in this country. The writing is superb on this enthralling, entertaining exploration of old and new sounds."


Featured artists

Andrea Keller piano
Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone
Gian Slater vocals

Sirens Big Band

Laura Corney soprano and alto saxophone
Melissa Mony alto sax and flute
Harri Harding tenor and sopranino saxophone
Cheryl Durongpisitkul alto saxophone and clarinet
Savannah Blount tenor saxophone
Phillippa Murphy-Haste baritone sax, bass clarinet and clarinet
Paul Murchison trumpet
Claire Hollander trumpet
Ellen Kirkwood trumpet
Eve McEwen french horn
Nick Polovineo trombone
Jessica Ling tubas
Ben Hauptmann guitar
Jacques Emery double and electric bass
Joshua Ahearn double bass
Jessica Dunn double bass
Alon Ilsar drums and AirSticks

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