Sezoni with Martenitsa Choir | Mara!


“The music alternates between vocal pieces, which feature Martinitsa's strikingly beautiful use of dissonance and harmony, and instrumental pieces including solos for clarinet, bouzouki, and recorder. These pieces lend brilliant color to Kozuharov's images of women harvesting corn and picking grapes, of migrating birds, and people living in exile from their homes, "in a strange land, in separation long and lonely."


Mara Kiek co-leader, voice, percussion
Llew Kiek co-leader, bouzouki
Tony Gorman clarinet, alto saxophone
Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone, recorder
Steve Elphick bass
Stefan Kozuharov poetry

Martenitsa Choir 
Bulgarian Women’s choir directed by Mara and Llew Kiek directed by Mara and Llew Kiek

This is the first collaboration between the Mara! band and the Sydney-based Bulgarian women’s choir Martenitsa.  Bulgarian poet Stefan Kozuharov wrote the lyrics in the traditional folk style, centering them around a seasonal motif. 

Sandy Evans composed tracks 1 and 6.

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