DuoLogic | Paul McNamara

Two separate recording sessions, five musicians, sophisticated post production techniques and a commitment to the ‘art of improvising’ have resulted in the release of this highly individual and characterful album.

The drummers, Turnbull and Piesse, provide the underlying colours and pulse for music that was played TOTALLY without reference to written music or any preconceived structure.

A series of duo performances by various combinations of Evans, Scott, Turnbull and McNamara were recorded at Troy Horse Studios. Another separate duo performance by McNamara and Piesse was recorded at SoundScape Studios. The latter session provided the material which became a thread binding together the first recordings.

Paul McNamara

"Here is something unusual in improvised music: five musicians recorded in various duo combinations in two separate sessions, the latter used as a binding thread for all the other vignettes...The results can be surprising.


Paul McNamara leader, piano, keyboard
Sandy Evans tenor and soprano saxophone
Craig Scott bass
Alan Turnbull drums, percussion
Jim Piesse drums, percussion