John Shand review Evans/Elphick/Odamura at SIWJF

Joyful sound makes ‘each molecule glisten’

by John Shand

“We adjust to the new normality, then learn that this was Sandy Evans’s first gig in nine months, and are rocked back on our heels afresh. When I first heard the saxophonist nearly four decades ago she was, as now, in a band with bassist Steve Elphick. Their rapport was already obvious, as was Evans’s aptitude for crafting compositional and social environments in which others could maximise their creativity.”

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Sandy Evans, Steve Elphick and Satsuki Odamura. Image credit Shane Rozario

“World class is world class, pandemic or not. Completing the band was koto virtuoso Satsuki Odamura, who, like Elphick, has played with Evans extensively, and while both were in the thrilling GEST8 octet, they had never previously performed in this exact guise. Don’t stop now.”

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