The catholics

"The depth, colour and life had me reaching for a glass of red - searching for some way to celebrate the creation of such a bold and unified jazz statement... I didn't find the wine, but I opened the windows so the neighbours could hear."


Lloyd Swanton leader, bass
Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone
James Greening trombone, pocket trumpet
Gary Daley piano accordion
Jon Pease electric and acoustic guitar
Fabian Hevia percussion, tres
Hamish Stuart drums

The eighth release from Lloyd Swanton’s long-running outfit, The catholics.

Fans of The catholics’ winning formula of tough jazz blowing over scintillating worldbeat grooves will know just what to expect, but the element which makes Yonder stand out from The catholics’ previous releases is the presence of Gary Daley’s accordion.

A really fresh album from a band which was in no danger of going stale anyway.

Sandy Evans composed track 3, ‘Floating on an Emerald Green Sea’.

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