What This Love Can Do | Clarion Fracture Zone

Clarion Fracture Zone

“communicates radiance and joy and documents a high creative period in the life of an outstanding band”


Sandy Evans co-leader, composer, soprano and tenor saxophone
Tony Gorman co-leader, alto saxophone, alto and Bb clarinet
Alister Spence co-leader, piano, keyboards
Lloyd Swanton bass
Toby Hall drums
Greg Sheehan percussion (special guest track 3)

Steeped in the jazz tradition, while allowing elements of Africa, India, even Bulgaria to bubble up and recede, this album takes you on a deep personal journey.

This release was a suite of music written by Sandy Evans. Her compositional prowess was honoured in 1995 with the APRA Award for Jazz Composition of the Year.

"'I heartily recommend (it)...and eagerly await future recordings"

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