The Edge of Pleasure | Sandy Evans Trio

Sandy Evans Trio

"‘I was quickly over the edge and into the pleasure from the start"


Sandy Evans leader, tenor and soprano saxophone
Brett Hirst bass
Toby Hall drums

This EP features Evans’ trio with Brett Hirst and Toby Hall playing a diverse range of trio music including the South Indian Bhairavi Tillana, and Evans’ ballad Saha, as well as energetic funky and freebop pieces.

The title ‘Edge of Pleasure’ was inspired by the poem Coffee with Miles by Geoff Page

Coffee with Miles

I like the jazz in coffee bars
half-heard over steam and cream
the rough percussion of the grinder
the fluency of waitresses
floating on the beat.
I like the scratch of chairs on hardwood
the music bouncing back from glass
and outside on the pavement too
among the flowering of umbrellas
the way a tempo joins the traffic.
Miles and Coltrane, Clifford Brown
’54 to ’62
the saxophones and trumpets flying
like pennants over drums
Lee Morgan playing ‘Moanin’ still
before his girlfriend gunned him down.
Almost everyone in here
was born downstream of such events.
Drinkers sipping at their lattes
exchange a few small coins of scandal
or internet addresses.
They check the rates on business loans,
boast or moan about their kids,
often both at once.
No one here can really hear it
except for me who caught it first
on vinyl in a soundproof room
six months from its creation.
No one’s listening and yet
the brittle arguments of Miles
and all the psalms of John Coltrane
supply here undiminished still
the edges of their pleasure.

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