Runo Vino | Mara!


“Folk roots infused with the vibrancy of the Australian environment…a series of inspired songs and agile instrumentals.”

“…the elements have been shaped into a totally coherent musical form that is much more than the sum of the parts. A music that communicates directly with audiences from Sydney to Stuttgart.”


Mara Kiek co-leader, vocals, tapan
Llew Kiek co-leader, bouzouki, bağlama, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Tony Gorman producer, clarinet, alto saxophone
Sandy Evans tenor and soprano saxophone
Steve Elphick double bass

This ARIA Award winning album is a landmark recording from the Mara! catalogue.

the ideal hybrid of traditional music from East and West… a most creative “Neo Acoustic Music..amazing and thrilling, containing a power beyond rock music… aggressive but human"

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