Dualling | austraLYSIS



Roger Dean leader, piano, computer, pre-composed electroacoustic sound
Sandy Evans tenor and soprano saxophone
Phil Slater trumpet
Hazel Smith text, text performer
Greg White computer, virtual drums/bass, virtual strings

This 2024 release by austraLYSIS represents a groundbreaking advance in the ensemble’s rich history, focusing on the integration of pre-recorded, edited electroacoustic (ea) sounds with live improvisation. The album reflects the ensemble’s fascination with the creation of new sounds and structures, inspired by the relationship between scientific and artistic processes. Every piece on Dualling centres around the interaction of two elements, a theme that resonates throughout the album.

Dualling encapsulates a vibrant interplay between diverse musical elements, exploring the dynamic interactions between acoustic and electroacoustic sounds, live manipulation, improvisation and composition.

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