Canticle | Clarion Fracture Zone and Martenitsa Choir

Clarion Fracture Zone and Martenitsa Choir

“Canticle had fluency and shape, and was astutely paced so that the hour long performance galloped past…Canticle was a celebration of the joy of making music without stylistic barriers; music which fosters that unique magic when improvising players are completely attuned to one another.”


Clarion Fracture Zone

Sandy Evans co-leader, composer, tenor and soprano saxophone
Tony Gorman co-leader, composer, tenor and alto saxophone, clarinet
Alister Spence co-leader, composer, piano, keyboards
Lloyd Swanton bass
Toby Hall drums
Special guest:
Paul Cutlan
tenor and alto saxophone, bass clarinet

Martenitsa Choir 

24-voice Bulgarian Women’s choir directed by Mara and Llew Kiek

Canticle is a major work of passion and originality, written for jazz sextet and Bulgarian women’s choir. It features the Martenitsa Choir directed by Mara Kiek.

Canticle is based on an excerpt from the biblical love poem “Song of Songs” and was commissioned in 1997 by the Eastside Parish Uniting Church.

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