Ambon | Lloyd Swanton

Lloyd Swanton


Lloyd Swanton leader, bass
Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone
Paul Cutlan bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet, recorder
James Greening trombone, cornet, baritone horn, tuba
Alex Silver trombone
James Eccles viola
Chuck Morgan ukulele
Jon Pease guitar
Michel Rose pedal steel guitar
Fabian Hevia cajon, percussion
Ron Reeves kendang, percussion
Hamish Stuart drums, percussion

Jess Ciampa glockenspiel on The Ambon Waltz

This is a major project from The catholics’ leader Lloyd Swanton. Ambon is a two-CD suite of compositions telling the story – in music, words and images – of his uncle Stuart’s captivity on the island of Ambon in World War II.

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