austraLYSIS videos

austraLYSIS has been busy during Covid, even if not out performing live. The main result has been a series of 5 open access videos, made in conjunction with the MARCS Institute where Roger Dean researches: The Music of Science, the Science of Music, which last about 3hours in total.

They are available via a link on the front page of the website,,  on the Australian Music Centre (AMC)  YouTube site and embedded below.

 The videos include 12 performances of new sound and intermedia work by austraLYSIS, featuring Roger Dean, Sandy Evans, Phil Slater, Hazel Smith and Greg White. There are three works by guests, Felix Dobrowohl (Germany), Charles Martin (Australia), and Jo Thomas (UK).

Each of the four performance videos includes substantial discussions on the works and processes by these musicians. In addition, the 3rd video is devoted to discussion of the science of production and perception of new music, by researchers at MARCS including Director Kate Stevens,  Simon Chambers, Roger Dean, Peter Keller, Jennifer MacRitchie and  Eline Smit. This video also includes some additional brief musical excerpts, including one with Andrew McPherson’s magnetic resonator piano.