Monash Sessions | Sandy Evans, Andrea Keller, Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music Monash University

This project features two of Australia’s most distinctive and distinguished jazz musicians, Sandy Evans and Andrea Keller with Monash University jazz students who had the privilege and rare opportunity to rehearse, perform and record Evans and Kellers’ compositions with them.

Sandy Evans, Andrea Keller, Sir Zelmand Couwen Schoolf of Music Monash University

"This project was a wonderful creative opportunity and an honour for me. The community of young musicians at Monash were an absolute joy to work with – imaginative, skilled, adventurous, joyful, dedicated and generous. It was a privilege to work with the outstanding Andrea keller in this context”


Sandy Evans co-leader, tenor and soprano saxophone
Andrea Keller co-leader, piano

Monash student ensembles

Ensemble 1 (Lake Y and Pole, Sweet Cacophony, Jim’s Favorite)

Zac O’Connell alto saxophone
Josh Bennier trombone
Ash Ballat trumpet
Patrick Schmidli bass
Miles Legg drums
Brennan Hamilton-Smith tenor saxophone
Ashley Griffin guitar
Stuart McCowan Nord keyboard

Ensemble 2: (The Rain Outside, For Bernie, The Invisible Man, Drums Across the Ganges).

Zac O’Connell alto saxophone
Justin Foster tenor saxophone, flute
Ande Lew tenor saxophone
Matt Todd trumpet
Felix Meredith trumpet
Josh Bennier trombone
Stuart McCowan piano
Patrick Fitzgerald bass
Caitlin Thomas drums
Conor Anderson Vague drums

Ensemble 3: (Watussi Dreaming, One For Harry, Lady Geri)

Jonathan Copper tenor saxophone
Luke Dema trombone
Felix Meredith trumpet
Thomas Kindermann guitar
Oliver Rolfe piano
Jonah Grant bass
Bryce Zelno drums

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