Into the Fire | Australian Art Orchestra
One of the primary aims of the Australian Art Orchestra had been to create situations that allowed for a free and open exchange of musical and dramatic ideas between different cultures and traditions. This recording was the result of such an exchange. 

Starting from 1996, the AAO collaborated with Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani (one of the greatest exponents of the complexities of Carnatic music) to produce an intoxicating blend of music, percussion, and dance.

Australian Art Orchestra

"This is arguably Australia’s most demonstrably outstanding success story in terms of cross-cultural collaboration on which we should continue to build"


Paul Grabowsky  leader, piano,
Karaikudi R. Mani mridangam, vocals, composer
Adrian Sherriff bass trombone, didgeridoo, shakuhachi, composer
T. A. Kaliamurthy thavil, vocal
T. V. Vasan ghatam
Srirangam S. Kannan morchang [morsing]

Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone
Julien Wilson tenor saxophone
Lachlan Davidson whistle, alto saxophone
Paul Cutlan alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet
Elliott Dalgleish baritone and sopranino  saxophone, bass clarinet
James Greening trombone
Bob Coassin trumpet
Phil Slater trumpet
Scott Tinkler trumpet
John Rodgers violin
Doug De Vries electric guitar
Alister Spence keyboards
Gary Costello double bass
Philip Rex double bass, tuba
Alex Pertout berimbau, congas, glockenspiel, percussion
Daryl Pratt cowbell, vibraphone
Niko Schäuble drums

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