austraLYSIS Electroband

austraLYSIS Electroband


Roger Dean piano, keyboards, computer [computer interaction], programmer, leader
Greg White programmer, computer [computer interaction], engineer [sound manipulation]
Sandy Evans soprano and tenor saxophone
Phil Slater trumpet
Hazel Smith text, text performer
Tony Buck percussion, samplers (Moving The Landscapes, The Next Room)

Evans is a founding member of the austraLYSIS Electroband. austraLYSIS, spearheaded by the innovative Roger Dean, has made significant strides in the realm of experimental music and intermedia art. Founded in 1970 as LYSIS, the group has since evolved into a leading force for avant-garde performance, integrating deep learning, interactive technology, and cross-disciplinary collaboration into their work.

"continue to push the parameters of music and multimedia...probing the nature of performance art"

austraLYSIS has premiered, commissioned and/or created more than 150 musical compositions and new media works.

The collaboration between austraLYSIS members—including Roger Dean, Sandy Evans, Phil Slater, Hazel Smith, and Greg White—underscores the group’s dedication to composed and improvised new music, sound art and intermedia work.

"created surprising meanings and juxtapositions ... a fascinating complex interaction of regular and irregular sonic patterns of textural virtuosity ... It is a brave new world that hath such music in it."