Clarion Fracture Zone : Zones On Parade

Clarion Fracture Zone

Sandy Evans – soprano, tenor saxes
Tony Gorman – alto, tenor saxes, clarinet
Alister Spence – piano, keyboards
Steve Elphick – bass, tuba
Louis Burdett – drums
Tony Buck -drums


1. Marine Graves Evans 4.52
2. Lest We Forget Evans 9.17
3. Zones On Parade Gorman 3.47
4. Doing The Apple Gorman 5.57
5. Parnu Beach Spence 10.25
6. It’s in Her Soul Spence 9.06
7. Boogie At The Red Sofas Bar Evans 6.28
8. Eternal Frost Gorman 10.38
9. Lilac Embers Evans 7.09

All compositions Copyright Control

67.39 mins

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”sensational, full of humour and power, but it may take some readers a little while to realise it’ Gail Brennan SYDNEY MORNING HERALD
‘Here’s a hilarious, diverse and affecting album…These stars of…Australia’s famed downtown scene, have something of their own’

5 star rating Howard Mandel DOWNBEAT USA July ’95

Voted Editor’s Choice 1994 Record Poll CADENCE USA


Tenor and soprano saxophone, composer