Kapture is the debut release by one of Australia’s foremost Indian-jazz ensembles featuring Sandy Evans (saxophones), Bobby Singh (tabla), Brett Hirst (bass) and Toby Hall (drums and percussion) with special guest Sarangan Sriranganathan (vocals). The CD is a tribute to South African freedom fighter, Ahmed Kathrada. The music was developed through collaboration with renowned choreographer/dancer Liz Lea.

‘Sandy Evans’ playing across the album is unique and spiritedly human, which is what we have come to expect from her. Her questing nature and driven desire to consistently move out of the confines of Jazz has shown her to be an artist going for a universal sound. That universality is present in all of her more recent music and, as I have mentioned above, is all over Kapture.’ John Hardaker on AustralianJazz.net

Sandy Evans has been exploring intersections between improvisers from jazz and Indian music backgrounds in much of her recent musical work. Bobby, Sarangan, Brett and Toby have been some of Sandy’s most important collaborators on this creative journey.

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‘There is a sense of effortlessness that emanates from this music: perhaps it emerges from the (sometimes simultaneous) combination of two modes or approaches: simple, beautiful phrasing and lyricism versus gloriously hard and technically demanding rhythmic flourishes…. ‘ John Cummings on the Music Trust website.

The music is a response to some of the extraordinary stories from Kathrada’s writings about his experiences in prison, and his visionary, powerful and profound philosophy and life force. It is also a response to Liz Lea’s movement, choreography, and her generous, imaginative and emotive interpretations of Kathrada’s experience.

‘bluesy and Indian elements seamlessly intermingling in…a significant breakthrough in her work.’ John Shand, SMH, March 29, 2015

Track list

1 Passive Resistance, No Regrets   (Evans) 6.07
2 One Planet   (Evans) 3.14
3 Explosion of Memory   (Evans/Hall) 4.40
4 The Censors (Evans/Singh)  7.18
5 Freedom, Priceless Above Rubies  (Evans) 7.10
6 Colour in the Cell (Hirst) 4.18
7 Deprivation 2.15
8 No Children Here   (Evans) 2.58
9 Robben Island   (Evans)  7.59
10 Lokasvatantatrataa  (Evans) 6.44
11 Peace  (Evans)  4.05
12 Some See Stars (Singh)  3.20

Ahmed Kathrada

Biography courtesy of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation

‘Ahmed Mohamed Kathrada is a South African politician and former political prisoner and anti-apartheid activist. In 1964, as part of the Rivonia Trial he and his fellow freedom fighters were sentenced to life imprisonment. He spent 26 years and 3 months in prison, 18 of which were on Robben Island. During his incarceration he obtained four university degrees and wrote many letters revealing a wonderfully imaginative and learned mind. Following his release in 1990, he was elected to serve as a member of parliament, representing the ANC. In 1994 Kathrada was elected to Parliament again and served as President Mandela’s Parliamentary Counsellor.’

Kapture, the dance work

Liz Lea writes that she ‘met Mr K, as he is known, in 2012 when she was commissioned by KZN DanceLink. Mr K’s writings provided the perfect meeting ground to work with the beautiful dancers of Flatfoot Dance Company. That initial dance piece, ‘A Free Mind’, inspired the solo dance work ‘Kapture’, created in Australia. We developed the score by exploring the rhythms behind Mr K’s prison number 46864 and his writings about chameleons, chilies and peaches. An extraordinary man with and gentle soul who continues to inspire, educate and move people around the world.’

Tenor and soprano saxophone, composer