Clarion Fracture Zone : Blue Shift

Clarion Fracture Zone

Sandy Evans – soprano, tenor saxes
Tony Gorman – alto, tenor saxes, clarinet, percussion
Alister Spence – piano, keyboards
Steve Elphick
– bass, tuba
Andrew Dickeson – drums, percussion

‘Part of the fun here is that you can never be sure where a tune is going to end up; even when they play it straight… they keep the listener guessing, wondering how they might mess with the music. The music of CFZ combines bits of free improvisation, straight-ahead blowing, electronics, careful attention to textures, and an evident respect for one another’s contribution to the overall sound…Worth checking out’ Stuart Kremsky CADENCE

Reissue of this seminal band’s ARIA-winning debut album with glorious new artwork. A band that helped launch the new wave of fine Australian contemporary jazz.

Voted Editor’s Choice 1990 Record Poll CODA Canada

**Finalist 1998 ABC Classic FM Best Jazz Re-Issue


1. Blue Shift Sandy Evans 5.07
2. Moeshoeshoe the First Tony Gorman 7.07
3. The Wild Uproar Evans 6.16
4. Feather Star Evans 5.10
5. La Mar Esta Enferma Alister Spence 6.19
6. Samba Nova Spence 6.06
7. Spice Island Gorman 8.38

7 tracks – 44.43 mins

‘Strong, slightly moody contemporary sounds’ Penguin Jazz Guide

‘signalled the beginning of another wave of creativity…The wonderful dreaming tracks – Blue Shift, Feather Star and Spice Island – still beguile, but take note also of the more rugged textures of The Wild Uproar and La Mar Esta Enferma’ Clare SMH

‘If you missed getting this CD the first time around, grab your copy now’ Jill Morris Jazz Action Society

Tenor and soprano saxophone, composer