Bronson, Evans, Robson Quintet

“Music as exhilirating as this exposes much jazz for the wretchedly safe art
it is. ….”

“This assemblage of three of the country’s very best saxophonists in one
band was as good as it looked on paper” John Shand SMH 26/2/2001

Edouard Bronson
Sandy Evans
Andrew Robson

featuring Steve Elphick, bass and Hamish Stuart, drums.

This quintet is a meeting ground for 5 musical adventurers. The music reflects their love of free improvised music, jazz and folk music.

The band made their first performance in February 2001 for SIMA at The Side On Cafe in Sydney. Following the success of this gig, their next concert at the Side On was recorded for Live On Stage by ABC Radio. The band went on to play at The Sydney University Jazz Festival. So far the band has not performed outside of Sydney, but you never know where their music might take them.

The band encourages audience participation. Events range from chook raffles to graphic scores devised by the audience, to performances of fortune cookie messages.

Compositions by Robson and Evans are featured, as are free improvisations structured around chance principles. The band also plays lively dance tunes which add to the celebratory nature of their gigs.

“Here the gloves were off and chances were taken which put a premium on the ears and musicality of the participants. No-one was found wanting”

Tenor and soprano saxophone, composer