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Curated silence at Sydney Sacred Music Festival

In this new work conceived for the Sydney Sacred Music Festival, saxophonist Sandy Evans and koto player Satsuki Odamura explore the extraordinary acoustic of Building 20 to create an atmosphere of deep contemplation. In this moving and meditative elegy, the enchanting resonance and subtle nuances of the koto combine with the warmth and beauty of soothing saxophone melodies.

Satsuki is Australia’s leading koto player currently celebrating 30 years of developing koto music in Australia. Sandy Evans OAM is an award winning composer, saxophonist and educator. Sandy and Satsuki have been performing together for 25 years, notably in Waratah and GEST8.

Highlights of their recent work were the Koto Transformation Australis concerts, where 4 of Sandy’s new compositions for koto ensemble were performed in Sydney and Melbourne. Their most recent recording together is RockPoolMirror. Here 2 audio tracks from this Tall Poppies CD (Rock Water Temple and Lake Yarrunga Colours). Immediately after their concert at the Festival, Sandy and Satsuki will be touring to the Philippines and Singapore.