Bernie McGann

Bernie McGann fundraiser flyerMusicians in both Sydney and Melbourne are rallying to the aid of Bernie McGann,  There is still also a chance to be involved with commissioning a work by Sandy Evans.. See info below re contacting SIMA.

Bernie McGann is possibly Australia’s most iconic jazz saxophonist, the recipient of a numerous awards and accolades, with a string of CD’s to his name.

However Bernie suffered a heart attack just a week ago and is in hospital now awaiting open heart surgery.

So to help with the various costs associated with his rehabilitation, musicians Andrew Dickeson and Jonathan Zwartz have asked his many friends and supporters to help his cause and to recognise his contribution not only to the Australian jazz scene but also the overall cultural landscape of this country.  This has also been the case in Melbourne with Martin Jackson leading the cause for a fundraiser.

Unable to attend?

If you were unable to attend but would like to support Bernie, SIMA are accepting donations on his behalf and accepting prizes for fundraising – 9036 6292, or you can also contact Jonathan Zwartz or Andrew Dickeson.  For Melbourne, Martin Jackson from MJC 03 9557 2229.

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