Sandy profiled in The Australian

Sandy, colour (2010) Photo credit: Karen Steains

by John McBeath
6 October 2011

ALTHOUGH she has appeared on more than 30 albums, any new CD from Sydney composer and saxophonist Sandy Evans is enthusiastically anticipated.

When the Sky Cries Rainbows, her latest, is especially noteworthy, not only because of its musicianship and compositions but for being the first time she has spoken publicly about the tragedy that struck her husband, saxophonist Tony Gorman. In the cover notes she describes Gorman waking up one morning in 1996 numb from the waist down, and after agonising delays being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“Years went by in a haze of fear and depression,” she writes.

It was more than a personal disaster. The pair had formed a close musical bond, playing together in various groups, notably in their quintet Clarion Fracture Zone. Gorman had to relinquish his career. Evans says: “Clarion Fracture Zone is presently latent.”

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